Your Guide to the Utah DAQ Change Out Program

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The DAQ program for Utah county is up and running again for 2019. This will be the last Federally funded program in Utah, but, according to the Department of Air Quality website, the program will be state funded in the future - “Future Program News - This program will become available in remaining portions of Salt Lake and Davis counties, Box Elder, Utah and Weber counties in 2020-2021.”

Commonly asked questions: 

DAQ Data for Old Wood Stoves

How do I apply for DAQ? 

You can apply for DAQ at the link provided below. We do not have control over any DAQ acquisition. This includes vouchers and the application process. Feel free to contact the people in charge of the DAQ program directly by calling (801) 536-4000 or emailing

What does DAQ cover?

The DAQ program provides awards of $2,800 or $3,800 for the Federally funded program (this may change when the State funded program begins) and can be applied towards switching out your current masonry wood fireplace, freestanding wood fireplace, or a zero clearance wood fireplace for the equivalent needed in gas. This includes extending electricity and/or gas to the appliance within the house as well as the new appliance and installation. The grant does not pay for electricity/gas line to be installed to the residence or cover finish work or remodeling of the home.

Can I use this for my rental or commercial property?

Unfortunately, no. DAQ is only eligible for homes within the current regions shown on the map on the DAQ website (This changes occasionally) and you must be living in the property you apply for. 

Can I do gas logs instead?

The DAQ program does not currently allow gas logs as a substitute. 

What happens after I get the DAQ voucher?

Good question! I’ve listed out the steps below for your convenience. 

  1. You’ll have to pick from the list of DAQ approved vendors (like Maple Mountain Fireplace!). These should be listed at the bottom of your voucher email.

  2. Give them a call! At Maple Mtn Fireplace, we talk about your needs and send over some estimates as well as schedule a free pre-inspection to get things started.

  3. After the pre-inspection, (or before!) come in and take a look at the fireplaces to get a feel for what you prefer.

  4. Once you’ve decided what you would like you’ll enter into a contract by paying the difference of what's left over after DAQ is applied. We will need you to forward over your voucher so that we can then email the state.

  5. At this point we take it from here regarding DAQ! We will take care of filling out the paperwork and submitting for payment after the job is done. 

Do I have to pay everything upfront and then have DAQ reimburse me?

No! The DAQ allows you to use it as almost a “coupon”. We take the DAQ amount off of your invoice and take care of getting paid from the state after your job is done.

Can I keep my old wood burning fireplace?

The DAQ program requires that we take the old fireplace and recycle it under the terms they have listed. This means cutting off the doors and bringing it to an approved recycling location. We take care of this, but it is required and there is no way to keep your old fireplace.

I switched out my old fireplace last year with you, can I still get a voucher and get refunded?

Retroactive programs are not eligible. You must have a valid award in hand before beginning the program and it can only be applied to fireplaces moving forward, not previously done. No refunds can be given based on DAQ awards received after the time of the job has been completed.

Is my home eligible?

The DAQ website has a great resource to find that out. Check out the link below -

How long do I have once the voucher has been awarded to me?

You have 30 days to enter into a contract. This just means picking out your fireplace and paying the difference. You have 100 days to have the unit actually installed. 

That’s all folks! We hope that this has brought you some peace of mind when it comes to DAQ acquisition. If you still have more questions, give us a call or drop by our Springville location, we are more than happy to help.

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