Why Get A Soapstone Wood Stove?


ONE of the commonalities we see among wood stove shoppers is the concern about how often or how much wood is needed to keep the heat output going. Every time we get questions about these concerns we automatically recommend soapstone. Soapstone wood burning stoves are a great way to to have the best of convenience and an actual roaring fire. There are only a few manufacturers that make soapstone wood stoves, but we definitely think HearthStone wood stoves are the best!


Why Soapstone?

HearthStone is based in Vermont and the soapstone used in your HearthStone wood stove is mined and put together in Vermont.

“HearthStone TruHybrid stoves burn slowly, cleanly and efficiently to heat your home with less wood.”  -Hearthstone Website

“HearthStone TruHybrid stoves burn slowly, cleanly and efficiently to heat your home with less wood.”

-Hearthstone Website

The “Soapstone Comfort Zone” refers to the heat distribution of your wood stove. While steel and cast iron wood heaters will burn hotter, your soapstone wood stove will give you longer-lasting consistent heat. Not only will you have to add wood to your fire less, but the overall burn of your HearthStone wood burner is very efficient. HearthStone has a self-regulating double combustion system to give you a clean burn.



Catalytic Converter

  • Most HearthStone Wood Stoves no longer have a catalytic converter. Instead, to increase the efficiency of the wood burner, their wood stoves contain a secondary burn chamber that circulates the smoke and allows it to burn more efficiently at hotter temperatures. If you prefer to have a catalytic combuster, we would recommend learning more about their TruHybrid system. This allows you to have a secondary burn system AND a catalytic converter to ensure a clean burn. 

Side Loader

  • HearthStone offers a side-loader door option on some of their models. This allows for you to add more wood into the fireplace without allowing any ashes to fall out of the fireplace. 

Green Energy

  • HearthStone also does not sacrifice the good of the environment for the comfort and ambiance of a wood burning stove. Not only do they meet EPA guidelines, they exceed them. In their 2019 brochures as well as on their website, they promise that,

“Heating with wood is carbon-neutral. A tree decomposing in the forest emits the same amount of carbon dioxide as burning that same tree in an efficient burning HearthStone wood stove.” 

Ash Pan 

  • Unlike other wood stoves, HearthStone has an ash pan that is easily accessible. They also include a unique cast iron grate and shaker that will transfer the ashes into your ash pan. This means NO MORE SHOVELLING ASHES! (Hooray!)


HearthStone does include a Limited Lifetime Warranty on all of their stoves. This warranty covers manufacturer defects. If you ever have an issue with your HearthStone wood burning stove, please let us know and we can help or point you in the right direction.


That’s all folks! Hopefully this answered your questions about Hearthstone Soapstone Wood Stoves. For further resources, please visit HearthStone’s website: http://hearthstonestoves.com/wood-products/4594643898