We are proud to represent the following manufacturers as each makes a quality stoves and help to give Maple Mtn Fireplace a good name. Each of these manufacturers makes a variety of styles so you are sure to find something that will meet your needs and beautify your home.

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A renewable energy source, environmentally friendly, economical, convenient, these are just some of the reasons a Napoleon Eco Pellet Stove is the perfect solution to heat your home. The freestanding stove provides Zone Heating furnace performance and a reliable heating source. The Eco Pellet Stove gives you uncompromising pellet performance year after year with the comfort of knowing you have selected a product made with true craftsmanship and advanced technological innovations.

Convenient top, loading for easy fueling

  • Automatic ignition

  • Stove hopper pellet capacity is 55 lbs

  • Variable speed auger and variable speed blower provide maximum comfort and control

  • Four stage FAILSAFEā„¢ system

  • Thermostatic control capability via wall mount or easily installed thermostatic remote control

  • Digital control provides adjustment to both the fuel feed rate and combustion blower speed.

  • Built-in heat exchange cleaner rod maintains cleanliness and efficiency of heat exchange tubes

  • Effective clean glass airwash system


More than a heating solution; a natural choice

Want environment friendly and efficient heating? Think ecology and sustainable development with the Cambridge pellet stove. This elegant pedestal stove provides a comfortable, constant heat and has a hopper that stores up to 60 lbs of granulated material.

Environment. The wood pellets emit fewer particles than traditional fuels. By using them, you recover wood residue and encourage the local economy, and is, therefore environmentally responsible.

Fuel Efficiency. It is highly efficient as the fuel is almost entirely converted into heat for your home. The Cambridge is capable of providing a maximum of 43,000 BTUs/h.

Control. Forget about having to pile wood, or deal with dirt and fires that are hard to manage; this stove can be turned on and off automatically from a distance. With its range of 50 hrs, it is a great way to spend time with family and friends on a cold day.


The Eurostar pellet stove fits perfectly between the Bio-45 and Euromax. Modern, powerful, but nevertheless compact, this pellet stove offers a bottom-feed technology that guaranties you flexibility in the brand of fuel you choose.

The touch-screen control panel provides infinite possibilities while keeping the operation surprisingly simple. Side shields are offered in both metallic black and enameled colors. They are sure to add a contemporary touch to any decor.

With its powerful convection blower, the Eurostar will impress you by its capacity to align the need for heat with the desire to create a modern and stylish setting.

The Euromax is as close as you can get to a pellet furnace. It is equipped with a 125-pound hopper. Its state-of-the-art LCD control lets you choose between various settings with the touch of a finger. The bottom feed technology used inside the Euromax minimizes burn pot maintenance while allowing a more complete and efficient combustion.

Affordable, intelligent, stylish and clean...This is heating in the 21st Century.