We are proud to represent the following manufacturers as each makes a quality stoves and help to give Maple Mtn Fireplace a good name. Each of these manufacturers makes a variety of styles so you are sure to find something that will meet your needs and beautify your home.

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Our stoves are built using soapstone. Soapstone is a natural material which can absorb the high heat of a fire, then radiate a gentle heat into the room. This means your home stays at a comfortable temperature, in the Comfort Zone.

The heat from soapstone is gentle, even and comfortable. You can sit close to a soapstone stove without getting the uncomfortable blast of heat you would feel from steel.

Once heated, soapstone stays warm for hours, making it the ideal material for overnight heating or for other long stretches of time when you can’t tend the fire. And, it makes re-starting your stove quick and easy.

Our cast iron stoves are lined with soapstone on the inside of the firebox.

You can enjoy the style of an all cast iron stove, and also benefit from the powers of soapstone. Our cast iron stoves provide heat soon after lighting, and also say warm longer than other cast iron stoves thanks to the soapstone lining.


MADE HERE Produced in North America using the latest equipment. Guaranteed to meet your expectations. EFFICIENT & CLEAN Fewer particles into the atmosphere, longer burn times, and less heat loss through the flue. Optimum efficiency of 75% or more EPA rating on all models. BAFFLE Made of revolutionary C-CastTM material. Easily removable and proven to last. FIREBRICK Not the light stuff! This is heavy-duty firebox protection.

Steel up to 3/8” thick! Yes, you are buying value and peace of mind. DOOR OVERLAY That’s slick… Update the look of your stove without changing the whole door! DOOR LATCH Easily adjustable insuring a close and air-tight fit every time. AIR WASH SYSTEM With all Enerzone wood-heating solutions, your glass stays clean. Enjoy the view!

The most efficient glass solution available in the market given its high IR transmission values and its high temperature resistance. A high IR transmission means that the heat produced inside the firebox is transferred through the glass more efficiently. The ENERZONE-SCHOTT ROBAX ceramic glass can withstand the highest temperatures of any glass on the market.